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Cath Ennis, PhD, PMP

Science is a team sport, and so is scientific writing. I find it incredibly rewarding to partner with researchers and other writers to help them improve the flow and clarity of their work, whether it’s intended for a technical or a general audience.

I particularly enjoy working with graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and other early-career researchers, as well as people who use English as a second language—but everyone needs a fresh pair of eyes on their work sometimes.

I offer all levels of editing, from structural editing and stylistic editing to copy editing and proofreading.

I am happy to work on grant and other funding applications, book and article manuscripts, posters, technical marketing materials, patient and public education materials, and more.

The field of research is less important than for my writing services. I still prefer to work in the life sciences, but I have editing experience in other fields too. I’m still proud of the fact that I once caught a photon/proton typo in a nuclear physics grant application, despite not having studied physics for many decades!

Graduate students, please note that I follow Editors Canada’s Guidelines for Ethical Editing of Graduate Student Texts.

I do not provide editing services related to undergraduate or other academic credit assignments.

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